July 5, 2018

Roaring Fork School updates regarding Lake Christine Fire

As of late Wednesday, July 4, a second evacuation site was opened at Roaring Fork High School as the Lake Christine Fire spread and additional evacuation orders were issued. Basalt High School was opened as an evacuation center on Tuesday, July 3 and remains open.

In order to focus efforts and resources on supporting the evacuation centers, the Roaring Fork Schools are cancelling all summer programming and activities held at Basalt schools until further notice. However, there will be activities for Basalt Summer Advantage students at Crystal River Elementary School in Carbondale from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, July 6. Transportation and meals will be provided. The Roaring Fork Schools will share more information regarding Summer Advantage programming for next week as plans are finalized. The school district is working with other program partners to find alternative locations.

In response to concerns about immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) at evacuation centers, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement reassuring community members that there is no cause for concern. The Roaring Fork Schools also emphasize that its schools remain safe for everyone.

“Everyone who has been evacuated is welcome at one of the high schools for a safe place to stay,” said Superintendent Rob Stein. “Our schools continue to be safe havens for all as they serve as evacuation sites.”

There has been an outpouring of support and donations. At this time, the Red Cross has an adequate number of volunteers and supplies at the evacuation centers and is having difficulty managing additional offers and deliveries. The Red Cross will do a call for specific volunteers or supplies if and when there is a need. Those who want to make monetary contributions are encouraged to contact the Salvation Army, which is coordinating all donation efforts for this fire. Call 970-748-0704 for more information.

For the latest information about the Lake Christine Fire, go to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page at  


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