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July 6, 2018


Lake Christine Fire: RFSD’s Friday updates

Athletic Field Watering

The Town of Basalt issued stage 2 water restrictions on Thursday, July 6, to maintain an adequate water supply in the fire suppression tank during the Lake Christine Fire. The Roaring Fork Schools have been able to continue watering its Basalt athletic fields during the restrictions because the water being used comes from a private well and an irrigation ditch. Neither of these sources are connected to the Town’s water or the fire suppression tank. The Roaring Fork Schools have confirmed with Town staff that watering its athletic fields will not compromise the Town’s fire suppression capabilities.

The district completed extensive maintenance work on the Basalt athletic fields earlier this summer, including re-seeding. Watering these fields at this point is critical because successful seed germination requires the top dress treatment to be consistently damp. This work, as well as the many young plantings recently installed as part of the bond program, are the result of a significant taxpayer investment in the Basalt school campuses. Town Manager Ryan Mahoney pointed out that the Basalt Municipal Code provides an exception for newly landscaped areas if it is determined that failure to exclude would result in the destruction of the newly landscaped area. Even so, because the water comes from a different source than that utilized in fire suppression, the district is able to continue watering to protect the community’s investment.

“We are committed to working responsively with local authorities to conserve water and preserve the fields,” said Superintendent Rob Stein. “Our playing fields are community assets, and we want to be good stewards of them. Our fields are used year-round by Basalt residents and programs.”

Evacuation Center Consolidation

The Red Cross is consolidating evacuation centers this afternoon. The Roaring Fork High School (RFHS) evacuation site will be closed at approximately 3 p.m. today, and the evacuees currently at RFHS will be moved to Basalt High School.

Summer Programming

The district continues to focus efforts and resources on supporting the evacuation centers. All summer programming and activities held at Basalt schools remain cancelled on Monday, July 9. There will be activities for Basalt Summer Advantage students at Crystal River Elementary School (CRES) in Carbondale from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Monday, July 9. Transportation and meals will be provided. Families can call CRES for more information at 970-384-5620.

For the latest information about the Lake Christine Fire, go to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page at  


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