Two of 15 Colorado educators selected for Policy Fellowship from RFSD

Teach Plus has selected 15 highly-effective teacher leaders for its second Colorado Teaching Policy Fellowship. Two of the 15 educators selected for this fellowship are from Glenwood Springs Elementary School (GSES): Erin Gallimore and Kendall Reiley.

Teach Plus is a national non-profit that empowers teachers to lead improvements in policy and practice during a nine-month fellowship. Fellows have the opportunity to work on state-level education issues and, through that experience, learn how to advocate for policies that will better serve Colorado teachers and students. Both Gallimore and Reiley joined Teach Plus for that reason: to build their skills and knowledge so that they can be more effective advocates for teachers and students.  

“I believe in our ability to create change,” Gallimore said. “I wanted more voice in the policies created and the decisions made that affect our schools. As an educational professional, I believe our knowledge and experience should be shared and considered in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.”

Reiley expressed similar reasons for joining and pointed to her participation in last spring’s teacher rally as a source of inspiration.

“I am thankful to live in a community that values education and works together to do what is needed for our students--everything from passing bonds to valuing teacher opinions to implementing social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practices,” Reiley said. “This isn’t true across the state, and so I want to advocate for all teachers and all students.”

Though fellows were accepted from all over the state, two of the 15 were selected from GSES.

“We are so proud that Erin and Kendall will be representing GSES and RFSD in the Teach Plus Fellowship.  Here at GSES, we focus on developing students who ‘contribute to a better world.’ Erin and Kendall are modeling this value for our community with their active citizenship and life-long learning through this program. We are so fortunate for their leadership here at GSES and state-wide,” said GSES Principal Audrey Hazleton.

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