The Roaring Fork Schools administered a staff survey in 2016 to get staff feedback on conditions in schools and on administrator effectiveness. The state of Colorado administered the TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning) survey in alternating years through 2015, but the survey was discontinued and not administered this year. The state plans to reintroduce a new survey of teachers and staff members across the state for the 2017-18 school year.

The RFSD staff survey is administered by a third party, Panorama, in order to maintain confidentiality and integrity. The survey contains two parts. The first part addresses perceptions of academic excellence, school culture, community partnership, and overall working conditions in schools. The results from this section are used for school planning purposes and are made available to the public after teachers, administrators, and other staff members have had an opportunity to review their own schools' results.

The second part of the survey provides feedback to principals and assistant principals on how staff perceive their performance in six areas: academic excellence, professional development, school culture, strategic leadership, talent development, and overall effectiveness. Administrators receive this feedback and review it with their supervisors. The results for this section are considered personnel records as they relate to individual job performance, and are not made publicly available. As with the student surveys about teachers, staff feedback on administrators is used to identify areas for celebration, reflection, and improvement, but are not a formal part of the evaluation process. However, unlike student surveys about teachers, staff feedback can be used as part of a body of evidence in determining the need for an improvement plan.

2016 Staff Survey Results: 


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